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College of Medicine Finance and Business

The mission of Penn State College of Medicine Finance and Business team is to provide financial services to the organization in the most efficient and accurate manner, while keeping customer service the top priority.

The College Finance group works in conjunction with Penn State Finance and Business in University Park.

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The administrative Office of College Finance and Business is located in Room C1607 in the College of Medicine.

Transactions requiring assistance or signature from leadership are triaged through this office, with Jennifer Feeman, Assistant Vice President for Finance and Business, reviewing and providing signature authorization.

Additional duties include College of Medicine legal services, University Floating Permit and Main Campus permits for parking, any request for exception to policy and deposits for the College of Medicine.

Controller's Office

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Located at the Hershey Consolidated Building on Granada Avenue in downtown Hershey, the Controller’s Office is responsible for payroll, accounts payable and research accounting for Penn State College of Medicine.

Post-Award Management Expand answer

The Office of Research Affairs and the Controller’s Office work together to provide post-award functions for sponsored projects.

See post-award resources

Bursar Expand answer

The Penn State College of Medicine bursar is Sonya Adams.

Reach her at or 717-531-0003, ext. 284116.

Helpful links:

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Housing/Building Administration

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The Housing/Building Administration team handles financial processes with the various buildings on campus.

Transition to SIMBA

The logo for Penn State's SIMBA project includes the name with three colored bars to the left of it, with each bar taller than the one before. Below the name it says System for Integrated Management and Budgeting and Accounting

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Penn State has selected the SAP S/4HANA business system to replace its financial and other integrated systems, including Penn State’s legacy Integrated Business Information System (IBIS).


Penn State has the following strategic goals for the SIMBA project:

  • Streamline arcane and inefficient business processes
  • Create better business practices
  • Leverage what is currently working
  • Maximize robust SAP S/4HANA reporting and analytics tools to provide the institution better data


The mission of the SIMBA project is to support and advance Penn State’s teaching, research and service missions. The outcome will provide superior financial, budget, planning, and operational services through efficient, innovative, value-added processes and dynamic, real-time reporting.


The SIMBA solution will provide an intuitive solution to effectively plan, budget, manage and steward Penn State’s assets and resources to meet the expectations of internal and external stakeholders.

Training Resources Expand answer

The University has training resources available to help with the SIMBA transition.


Users can register for SIMBA 101 via the Learning Resource Network. SIMBA 101 is a self-paced, online course that provides a solid foundation focusing on core SIMBA financial concepts before the more in-depth training that is to come. The course contains foundational information to read and watch, with a few simple knowledge checks along the way.

See details here

Support and Reference Materials

SIMBA Support and Reference Materials are available on the University’s SIMBA Resources page. Resources currently include simulations offering a demo and practice mode, an IBIS-SIMBA Terminology Crosswalk, glossaries and more. New items are added regularly, so users are advised to check back often.

See resources here

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Expand answer

The transition to SIMBA is a significant change. It is normal to have questions and feelings of unease while going through the trainings and getting acclimated with the new system.

The College of Medicine SIMBA team is here to help. College of Medicine employees should contact instead of the SIMBA team at University Park.

University Park SIMBA FAQs

The University has posted answers to many questions about the SIMBA transition on its SIMBA website.

See University SIMBA FAQs

College of Medicine SIMBA FAQs

The College of Medicine will be posting answers to COM-specific SIMBA questions as they are received. Click the plus sign next to any question to see the answer.

Contact the College of Medicine SIMBA Team Expand answer

Reach the College of Medicine SIMBA team at

Note: Those emailing the COM SIMBA address should copy their department’s financial analyst on any correspondence.

COM SIMBA Task Force Members

  • Erica Barley
  • Vicki Doksa (University Park)
  • Shanda Graby
  • Aravind Menon
  • Erlee Meyers
  • Kim Schaeffer
  • Marc Startoni

Work with College Finance and Business

Financial Analyst Group (FA) Expand answer

The Financial Analyst Group group comprises those who deal with fiscal information at the departmental levels within Penn State College of Medicine.

The group meets weekly during the academic year with the mission of informing and educating personnel in items related to fiscal issues and Penn State policies as they relate to those fiscal issues.

For details on FA, contact Erlee Meyers at 717-991-5238 OR

FA Contacts by Department

Financial Management for Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trials Expand answer

It is the responsibility of all departmental financial analysts, in consultation with the study team, to manage the financial aspects of the clinical trials. This includes AURAs, BARAs, closeouts and extensions.

See detailed guidelines

Policies Expand answer

A number of University and College policies are relevant to finance and business processes. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Full Policy Directories

Specific Policies and Guidelines

Resources Expand answer

For Financial Analysts

For financial analysts, the Expense Detail folder is found on the Hershey network drive in the “COM Expense Detail” folder, which is accessible with Penn State Health ePass access.

There is also a group for financial analysts and administrative assistants, FAA, which meets regularly.

For details on either of these resources, call Erica Barley at 717-531-0003, ext. 239163 or email

Financial System Links

Frequently Used Information

These links include details such as the appropriate tax ID and authorized signer information.

Other Resources

Other College of Medicine Offices or Departments

Other University Offices or Departments

Share Cost-Saving Strategies Expand answer

Anyone with a cost-saving idea is asked to contact Judi Snyder at and let her know about it. She will be sure that this information is shared with the appropriate personnel.

Compliance Expand answer

The Compliance Hot Line can be dialed toll-free at 800-560-1637 or 717-531-1114.

For details, see the Office of Ethics and Compliance website.

Charitable Giving Expand answer

Donations can be made online to either Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center or Penn State College of Medicine.

Contact College Finance and Business Expand answer

Mailing Address

Penn State College of Medicine Finance and Business
Mail Code: H157
500 University Dr., C1607
P.O. Box 850
Hershey, PA 17033

Other Contact Methods

Phone: 717-531-8500

Fax: 717-531-5481