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Faculty Organization

The Faculty Organization serves as the sole legislative body of College of Medicine faculty. Its actions are authoritative on all matters that pertain to the undergraduate medical and graduate education of the students of the College of Medicine.

Matters within the legislative jurisdiction of the Faculty Organization are:

  • Institutional programs
  • Courses and programs of study
  • Academic admissions standards
  • Graduation requirements
  • Curriculum evaluation

The Faculty Organization acts as an advisory and consultative body, both through its corporate whole and any of its constituent parts, to the Dean of the College of Medicine, the Senior Vice President for Health Affairs, as well as other administrators or administrative units on any matter that may affect attainment of the research, educational, or service objectives of the College of Medicine.

The Faculty Organization serves in a forensic capacity as a forum for the exchange of ideas among the members of the College of Medicine faculty.

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FAQs about Faculty Organization

Is it possible to provide to Faculty Organization members some prelude to each of the topics to be discussed at monthly meetings? Expand answer

Yes, the Faculty Organization Council has initiated a policy of requesting from each presenter the material to be presented at the monthly Faculty Organization meeting. In most cases this will consist of a set of PowerPoint slides that will be available by email. We highly recommend reviewing this material in order to participate in discussion of the topic at hand.

Which of the many committees of the College of Medicine are under the aegis of the Faculty Organization? Expand answer
In light of the advisory role of the Faculty Organization, what are the entry points for input or advice to the College? Expand answer

There are several ways members may introduce for discussion items they feel are important to the good of the College.

See the ways this can happen in the Standing Rules, Article I, Section 7, here.

In the interest of adhering to the meeting agenda, is it possible to set time limits on presentations to the Faculty Organization? Expand answer

Yes, Faculty Organization Council allots defined times to presenters, and these are published with the agenda. Time for discussion will also be allocated.