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Emergency Contacts Expand answer
  • Campus Emergency Hotline: Call 8888 from any campus phone or 717-531-8888 elsewhere
  • 24-Hour Security Dispatcher: Call 8711 from any campus phone or 717-531-8711 elsewhere
  • Hospital Emergency Department: Call 8333 from any campus phone or 717-531-8333 elsewhere
  • Derry Township Police Department: Call 717-534-2202 or 911
  • On-site YWCA Medical Advocate: Call 5188 from any campus phone or 717-531-5188M elsewhere
  • Director of Security: Call 3546 from any campus phone or 717-531-3546 elsewhere
  • Title IX Deputy Coordinator: Call 717-531-0003, ext. 283353
  • Sexual Harassment: Call 4371 from any campus phone or 717-531-4371 elsewhere
  • Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Call 7779 from any campus phone or 717-531-7779 elsewhere
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Human Resources Expand answer

The HR Solution Center is a team of live HR services representatives who can assist with HR questions and needs, as well as with referrals to HR specialists or HR business partners.

Phone: 717-531-8440 (7 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays)

Professional Development Resources Expand answer

A variety of professional development opportunities are available to Penn State College of Medicine and Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Faculty.

Visual Identity Standards and Writing Style Guide Expand answer

The overall reputation of Penn State Health and Penn State College of Medicine as a leader in the core missions of education, research, community health and patient care reaches audiences ranging from local to worldwide.

Our reputation can be influenced by how we present ourselves to the public. As much as how we handle relationships with colleagues, peer institutions, the news media, our students and patients, our logo (or brand mark) and overall visual identity make a statement about us. They are an outward expression of our organizational personality, values and goals.

Clarity and consistency convey our commitment to trust, quality and the core values that serve to enhance public perception of Penn State Health and Penn State College of Medicine.

The consistent application of our visual identity guidelines benefits Penn State Health and Penn State College of Medicine in many ways. Increased recognition of our brand identity and its association with all our missions and each of our enterprises means increased understanding and appreciation of our values among and within the many communities we serve.

These guidelines to help you apply our organizational identity to the materials used to communicate to many audiences. Use them to help Penn State Health and Penn State College of Medicine project a consistent image of trust and quality.

See our Visual Identity Standards and Writing Style Guide for more information.

Title IX Resources Expand answer

Any complaint or conduct (witnessed, reported or heard of) that involves a student and sex, gender identity and/or gender orientation, anywhere it happens, by another student, faculty, staff or non-University third party, is a Title IX issue for the University. The Title IX Coordinator and Deputy work with HR/supervisor when an employee, faculty or third party is involved, or will work with Student Conduct if only students are involved.

Education Resources

Avoiding Mistreatment of Students Expand answer

The Office for a Respectful Learning Environment has provided a list of specific strategies and things to say – and not to say – to help faculty ensure a good experience by students and simultaneously avoid perceptions of mistreatment.

These suggested scripts were not written to offend faculty who are talented teachers, but rather to offer tools to help faculty navigate the complex area of student mistreatment where even well-intentioned efforts are sometimes misinterpreted.

See the suggested scripts and strategies

Educational Research Resources Expand answer

Research Support Resources

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Community Outreach Resources

Community Outreach Overview Expand answer

A variety of programs, workshops, resources and opportunities are available to help you get involved in community outreach at Penn State College of Medicine/Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.

YWCA Greater Harrisburg Tribute to Women of Excellence Expand answer

Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and College of Medicine are looking to nominate a women of excellence who meets the criteria listed below.

  • Nominees must have worked for or volunteered with a charitable, civic or human services organization that serves the Capital Region for two years or longer.
  • Honorees should support and promote the YWCA’s vision and principles of economic empowerment and racial justice, courage in spirit and action, breaking barriers, leadership and self-determination, family values and community responsibility.

Awards have been given in the past to women who:

  • Participate actively in the community as mentors, role models and volunteers.
  • Actively serve on the boards of committees of various non-profits and organizations.
  • Raise and donate money to important causes.
  • Demonstrate integrity, strength of character and leadership.
  • Embrace and support the vision and mission of the YWCA.

Learn more about the Tribute to Women of Excellence here.

Bethesda Mission Medical Clinic Expand answer

This is a medical clinic staffed by physicians, residents and students at the Bethesda Mission, which provides shelters for men, women and children in Harrisburg.

LionCare Expand answer

LionCare is a medical-student-run organization dedicated to providing healthcare to the underserved of the Harrisburg community. A partner program, LionCare Tyrone, serves the State College area.

Learn more about LionCare.

Mini Medical School Expand answer

Mini Medical School is a public lecture series for adults and high school students to learn about important topics in medicine and health, and the latest in medical research.

Learn more about Mini Medical School.

Observation/Career Shadowing Opportunities Expand answer

The observation/career shadowing program enables students at Penn State University or students currently enrolled at other educational institutions to observe and/or career shadow health professionals in a variety of clinical and research areas for the purpose of enhancing their educational goals, and/or seeking a career in allied health professions or the biomedical sciences.

Learn more about observation and shadowing here.

Other Outreach and Public Service Programs Expand answer

Many programs and activities are coordinated and supported by the Office of Faculty & Professional Development.

See more about University-wide outreach programs at

About Hershey and Penn State

Hershey and Penn State Overview Expand answer

Penn State College of Medicine and Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center are located in Hershey, in southcentral Pennsylvania. Derry Township is the official name for the area. The main Penn State campus (University Park) is located in State College, PA, approximately 100 miles northwest of Hershey.

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