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MSR Project Information for Faculty

The Medical Student Research (MSR) program requires each medical student to complete a research project before they graduate from Penn State College of Medicine. Below are the resources about the program that are relevant to faculty members.

Have questions? Contact the MSR program.


Renee Seibel
Administrative Support Coordinator
Medical Student Research
717-531-0003 ext 280809
Room: CG603

Ira Ropson, PhD
Assistant Dean of Medical Student Research
Associate Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Room: C5716D

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Available Projects List Expand answer

Students are presented list of projects to explore if they do not have research ideas of their own. Faculty are encouraged to list projects they want assistance with for maximum exposure.

If you currently have a project on the MSR Project list and would like to make it available as a Work-Study project, email and include the project reference number (found next to your project in the list) with your request.

View the list

Add a project


Advisor Forms Expand answer


Advisor Proposal Review form


Advisor Report Review form


Both the student and advisor forms must be submitted to be considered for travel funds

Advisor Travel Award form

Committee Member Forms Expand answer


General Information Expand answer

General information about the Work-Study program can be found at the Current Students MSR site.

Key Dates for 2020 Expand answer
  • Jan. 31, 2020 – The first year students will be meeting on this date to learn about work-study. Therefore, it is helpful for faculty to post projects by this date or soon after, so that their project will receive maximum visibility, since this is when the majority of students will begin looking for a work-study project/position.
  • April 6, 2020 – No additional work-study positions may be submitted for consideration.  All work-study forms must be completed and submitted:
    • Department approval form with the budget and time approver information.
    • Student information submitted through the survey link provided.
  • June 1, 2020 to Aug. 2, 2020 –Work-study working period for first year medical students.
Posting/Removing A Project Expand answer

Posting a position/project

If you have a position available for a student (or multiple students) go to the MSR find-a-project page and add a project using the “Add a Project” button. You will be able to indicate that this project is available for work-study.

Your project will be identified as being available for work-study and students will be able to contact you to speak with you about the project. Students are also encouraged to contact any of the projects listed regardless of whether they are designated as a potential work-study position and inquire about work-study. Projects will remain on the project list for students after the work-study deadline has passed to make it available for non-work-study students unless you request for it to be removed. In that case, the work-study indicator will be hidden.

If you have a project already on the project list and you want make it available for work-study, contact and request that it be identified as such.

Before posting a project for work-study, please verify with the budget administrator in your department that funds are indeed available to pay your portion of the student’s salary ($990 maximum if a student works the full 360 hours).

Removing a work-study project

Once you have a student chosen and have no more availability for students, contact with the project number and request that it be no longer identified as a potential work-study project.  It will also be removed from the Project List, unless you request to keep it listed as a non-work-study project.

Providing Budget Information Expand answer

Once you have assigned a student, you will need to provide information about the budget, supervisor and time approvers for that student. Please review the qualifications, roles and responsibilities of the supervisor and time approvers.

Important note: The budget administrator, workday supervisor and time approvers must ALL be associated with the SAME budget location (either Hershey or University Park).

Submit budget information

Selecting A Student Expand answer

When a student choses your project from the project list

The students are instructed to contact the individual listed as the project advisor (mentor) to find out more about the project and see if it is a “good fit” for both the faculty member and student.

Once you have selected a student for your work-study position., click the “Assign Student” button and complete the requested information. Please note that you will need to provide the name of the budget administrator from your department.

Assign Student

All projects on the project list will have an assigned number as a reference. If your project was previously listed on the project list, you will be asked to use that number in place of the description.  This is important, as it will ensure that we have the correct project from the website.

If you already have a student(s) for work-study

If you already have a student for a project you are doing, and you are not looking for any additional students, you do not need to add the project to the project list. All you need to do is click on the “Assign Student” button in the above section, and add the student. You will be asked to provide a description of the project, when you identify that it is not currently on the website.

You will be required to provide the name and email address of each student as well as your department’s budget administrator’s name and email address.  If you still have the ability to support more students, please also complete the “Add a Project” and it will appear on the Project List.

Once you have assigned a student, please have your budget administrator provide the budget, supervisor and time approver information.

Supervisor Information Expand answer

In order for a student to be hired in Workday for the summer work-study program, a supervisor will need to be identified for the department. This is an individual within the department who currently has a part-time supervisory organization position ( in workday and therefore has the ability to hire someone under them. The student will need to be hired under the supervisor (this might be someone other than the project advisor).

Time Approver Expand answer

Qualifications: Individuals within your department must be able to view the student’s time in work-day and be able to approve their time once it’s been submitted. Note: the supervisor can be listed as one of the time approvers.


  • Review and approve time in workday for the bi-weekly pay periods the student is working. Backup timekeepers will approve the student time in Workday in the event that the current time manager is unavailable. It is recommended that time keepers, students and supervisor discuss how they want to handle confirming the student’s hours for each time period. Students will be provided a form to track their time before entering it into Workday and submitting their hours.
  • At the end of the work-study time frame (August), the Time Approver will be responsible for terminating the student’s employment by completing the termination/separation form in the WorkLion system.