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College of Medicine Alcohol Policy Summary

The following information is a summary of University Policy FN-10 (Other Business Expenses and Activity) and AD-18 (Possession, Use and Distribution of Alcoholic Beverages) as they pertain to alcohol policy for the College of Medicine.

See University Policy FN-10 here

See University Policy AD-18 here

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Policy Summary

General Provisions for Alcohol Usage (applicable to all events) Expand answer
    Alcoholic beverage consumption must not exceed 2 drinks per person for a maximum of $25.
  • The cost of alcohol to be reimbursed must be included in the daily per diem limit for the event location. (For Hershey, Pa., the per diem rate is $71).
  • Non-alcoholic beverage alternatives must be available and offered.
  • No alcoholic beverages are to be served/consumed before 3 p.m.
  • Expenses for purchasing and serving alcohol may only be charged to an unrestricted gift fund.
  • If the event is being held at a location that does not possess a license to serve alcohol, an AD-18 form must be submitted to the controller’s office for processing 30 days prior to event.
  • Alcohol charges can only be paid by the College of Medicine if the whole event is being paid for by the college. Expenses involving only alcohol will not be paid.

Note: Any alcohol expense not in accordance with the policy guidelines listed will not be approved and will be considered a personal expense to the employee.

Events Involving Outside Guests Expand answer
  • Alcoholic beverage are permitted at events with outside guests. For purposes of this policy, the following are not considered outside guests:
    • Employees (University, Penn State Health and College of Medicine)
    • Students
    • Retirees
    • Spouses and partners of any of the above
  • All general provisions listed above apply to events involving outside guests.
Events Involving Students Expand answer
  • Alcohol may only be served at events involving students with prior approval by the Associate Controller (or designee). Expenses for events that did not receive prior approval will not be reimbursed/paid.
  • Alcohol is never permitted as a cost of recruiting students.
  • All general provisions listed above apply to events involving students.
Events Involving Employees Expand answer
  • Alcoholic beverage are strongly discouraged at employee events.
  • If alcohol is to be served at employee events, it should be considered a personal expense to be paid either by the organizer or guests.
  • Even if alcohol is to be paid personally, the general provisions for alcohol apply due to the fact that it is a College of Medicine-sponsored event.