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Welcome to the Penn State College of Medicine recruitment page, which will be your one-stop shop for all things recruitment. On this page, you will be able to find useful information for applicants, new hires, current employees and managers. This includes information on items such as quick links, documents, frequently asked questions and more.

What makes Penn State College of Medicine unique as an employer? Why work for the College of Medicine?

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Meet Your College of Medicine Recruiters

Patty Shoener

Human Resources Specialist for faculty and staff
717-531-0003, x320487

Renee Karstetter

Human Resources Specialist for postdoctoral and visiting scholars and visa coordinator

Hiring Exception Request Process

Hiring Exception Process Expand answer

Updated February 2023

The hiring exception process is completed before the Workday requisition process begins. In an effort to expedite requests, the below processes can be done in parallel by closely following the instructions.

  1. Hiring Exception Documents
    • Hiring Exception Form
    • College of Medicine Requisition Form [Excel] (signatures not required)
    • Full-time staff requires a completed/updated job responsibility worksheet (JRW)
    • Faculty roles require FCWC approval
    • Email completed documents to Jill Curry ( and Marc Startoni (
  2. Workday Process (completed in parallel)
    1. Create requisition in Workday
    2. Upload – hiring exception form, requisition and JRW if staff role
      • If posting a multi-level posting, you will need a JRW for each level
    3. Documents will route though the Workday approval process in parallel with the hiring exception process.
    4. College of Medicine Human Resources will pause on posting until Hiring Exception Approval is received.
Additional Information Expand answer
  • The College of Medicine hiring exception committee typically meets on Monday afternoons.
  • When requesting a hiring exception, ensure that you have the manager established with the correct supervisory organization (JM/PM) in Workday. This step needs to be completed before the Workday process can be done.
  • Job responsibility worksheets are not necessary for part-time, faculty or postdoc roles.
  • Workday recruitment module training available at
  • Ensure all tasks in Workday are completed/approved.
Recruiter Contact Information Expand answer
Candidate Selection Expand answer
  • Review/disposition candidates in Workday, move selected candidate “offer” once position has been posted for a minimum of 7 days (staff positions).
    • All faculty postings must be posted for a minimum of 30 days before an offer can be made.
  • Email corresponding College of Medicine HR Recruiter (listed above), selected candidate information with job requisition number, interview notes, disposition spreadsheet and reference check information.
  • When the Workday status is set as offer and COM HR Recruiter has received via email all interview notes, etc., a salary recommendation for approval within 3 business days.
  • Orientation is virtual and is scheduled every two weeks; all clearances are necessary before an individual may start.
  • College of Medicine recruiter offers all staff roles (part time/full time).
  • Faculty (tenure/non-tenure) and postdoctoral positions will be offered at the department level for part-time and full-time. Please ensure enough time is provided to allow for receipt of clearances.
  • Route via the established PawPrint process and email Patty Shoener the submitted hiring packet.

Create a Job Requisition (Managers)

Submitting an Offer Expand answer
  • Requirements when submitting an Offer:
  • Mark all candidates that were interviewed in Workday
  • Move selected candidate to offer
    • Email disposition spreadsheet, interview notes and completed references information to Recruiter. No salary recommendation or offer made until this information is received.
  • College of Medicine HR recruiters:

Recruitment Info and Policies

Contacts for Visitors, Volunteers and Research Internships Expand answer

Contacts for Visitors, Volunteers and Research Internships at the College of Medicine

Download this information in a PDF flow chart

Is it a paid internship?

  • Yes – Follow Hiring Process (including approvals) and consult with Graduate Education
  • No – Continue below

Not a paid internship:

  • High school student?
    • Yes – Consult with Graduate Education
  • Undergraduate student?
    • Yes – Consult with Graduate Education
      • Visa required?
        • Yes – Global Programs
  • Graduate student?
    • Yes – Consult with Graduate Education
      • Visa required?
        • Yes – Global Programs
  • Not matriculated?
    • Not permitted; contact volunteer office
  • Visiting scholar Visa needed?
    • Yes – Visiting scholars process/ORA and Global Programs
    • No – Visiting scholars process/ORA
New Employee Start Dates and Offer Timeline Expand answer

2024 College of Medicine New Employee Start Dates and Offer Timeline

Deadline to receive offer materials via email to recruiter by 5 p.m.:

  • In state – 5 weeks
  • Out of state – 11 weeks

* Denotes dates related to a holiday that may cause delays.

Policies Expand answer

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