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Basic Science Faculty Recruitment Approval Routing

Please visit the College of Medicine recruitment site to obtain the documentation regarding recruitment, the hiring exception process, job requisition paperwork and other human resource information.

For all faculty positions hired by Penn State College of Medicine, the following steps must be completed in the order listed.

Step 1: Faculty and Clinical Workforce Committee (FCWC) approval

Prior to the start of recruitment efforts, all faculty positions, regardless of FTE, must be reviewed and approved by FCWC. For instructions, forms and questions related to FCWC, contact Tara Byerly at

Please touch base with your College of Medicine HR recruiter regarding job posting. All full-time academic employment opportunities must be posted in Workday and must remain open for a minimum of 30 calendar days. Tenure line positions must be nationally advertised. Upon approval by FCWC and members of leadership, recruitment effort begins and include submitting the College of Medicine Requisition Request to COM HR for posting in Workday. The hiring department must submit the Requisition Request and FCWC form to their COM HR representative immediately upon notification of FCWC approval.

Step 2: DocuSign Paperwork

After advertising has occurred (it is essential that departments connect with their COM HR representative regarding advertising requirements), and a candidate has been designated, the paperwork listed here is uploaded to DocuSign for electronic routing to members of leadership, including the Dean, prior to making the formal offer to the candidate. To request instructions for DocuSign account set-up, please email The paperwork is uploaded to DocuSign in the following order:

  • DocuSign Cover Sheet: Faculty Hiring Packet
  • Letter of offer to the candidate from the Department Chair, including any attachments to the offer letter
  • Candidate’s CV
  • Copy of approved FCWC paperwork
  • Copy of job posting(s)
  • For tenure-line positions, copy of national recruitment advertisement(s)

Upon approval by leadership, the department assistant will receive an email notification from DocuSign. The assistant should print the approval certificate from DocuSign. At this time, the candidate may be offered the position. Once the individual has accepted, the department should notify their COM HR representative to touch base.

Step 3: Dean’s Office Paperwork

After the individual accepts the position, the following paperwork is emailed as one pdf file to the Dean’s Office, via email to Cindy Devine at, for facilitating signature by the Dean:

  • College of Medicine Requisition Request Form
  • DocuSign Approval Certificate
  • DocuSign Cover Sheet: Faculty Hiring Packet
  • Final signed Offer Letter (signed by both the department chair and the candidate)
  • Any applicable advertisements/recruitment sources
  • Copy of job posting(s)
  • Approved FCWC paperwork
  • Candidate’s CV

After the Dean signs off on the packet (step 3), the paperwork is routed to the Controller’s Office followed by College of Medicine Human Resources for processing.

Revised: March 2024