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Strategic Plan 2020 Timeline


Outreach & Engagement

January – March

Conduct broad outreach to gather information, data, and suggestions from across the College of Medicine and perform external academic market research. This information will be consolidated and shared with relevant task forces for analysis and recommendation development.

Lead: Core Team


  • Town halls
  • Office hours
  • Online tool
  • External market analysis


  • Key themes/takeaways from outreach
  • Data gathering and information for review
  • Summary of PSU Strategic Plan themes


Analysis and Recommendations

March – May

Topic Task Forces will review data gathered from outreach in Phase 1, as well as information presented by Subject Matter Experts. Task Forces will use it to conduct a topic-specific Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis, a gap analysis, and to develop short, intermediate, and long term recommendations for consideration.

Lead: Topic Task Forces

Subject Matter Experts and Topic Task Forces

  • Input from Subject Matter Experts
  • SWOT analysis of COM
  • Analysis of existing data and information from research
  • Task Forces
    • Enhancing Research and Discovery
    • Transforming Medical Education
    • Stewarding Capital, Facilities and Financial Resources
    • Advancing Faculty and Staff Through the Career Lifecycle
    • Enhancing Health and Health Care Delivery
    • Serving Our Communities


3 recommendations each for:

  • Short-term goals
  • Intermediate goals
  • Long-term goals


Plan Development and Cross-Plan Alignment

May – June

Executive Task Force considers recommendations from topic task forces. Working with the Core Planning Team, the Executive Task Force produces a draft strategic plan with a focused set of cross-cutting recommendations. Special care will be taken to align the draft plan with other related strategic plans (PSU, PSH, HMC strategic plans).

Lead: Executive Committee


Draft strategic plan with:

  • Short-term goals
  • Intermediate goals
  • Long-term goals


Plan Finalization

June – July

The Dean and senior COM leadership will evaluate draft strategic plan and make final decisions on recommendations to be included. The final version will be communicated to COM and PSU stakeholders.

Lead: Dean and COM Senior Leadership


Finalized COM Strategic Plan to be shared across COM and submitted to UP


Plan Implementation

Fall 2020

Creation of a plan implementation team that will help departments and COM leaders execute against the goals outlined in the plan. The team will help establish the framework for plan execution, will measure results over time, and will report progress to the Provost, Dean, and COM stakeholders.


Provide support and accomplishment of short-term, intermediate and long-term goals of the strategic plan:

Implementation Guidelines From PSU-wide Plan

  • Invest thoughtfully based on PSU mission, principles, priorities, institutional and unit plans
  • Use planning as the basis for academic and administrative ventures
  • Seek positions of meaningful impact and leadership
  • Understand changing dynamics and their potential implications
  • Leverage existing resources and strengths
  • Seek innovative partnerships

Parallel Processes

Ongoing, throughout

Communications Plan

  • Provide updates via range of channels & methods

Information and Data Gathering

  • Outreach/engagement
  • Financials from Finance and Business
  • COM dashboard
  • SMEs
  • Research funding information
  • Enrollment information
  • External market analysis