Visiting Faculty Appointment Guidelines

According to University Policy HR-06, “visiting appointment designates an appointment in which ‘visiting’ is part of the title. Such an appointment is non-regular, whether full-time or part-time. All other conditions for either Fixed Term-I or II appointments apply to Visiting appointments. Visiting appointments apply to academic personnel only.” Those with visiting appointments are not covered by employee benefits.

In cases where there is no remuneration to the visiting faculty member, there would be no need for review by the Faculty and Clinical Workforce Committee (FCWC). In cases where visiting faculty member will be compensated, approval is needed by the FCWC.

To request a visiting faculty appointment in the College of Medicine, the department chair submits:

  1. A request to the Dean which should include, but not be limited to, the following information:
    • Name and professional degree of the visiting faculty member
    • Purpose of the appointment
    • The individual’s role and research activities while at the College of Medicine
    • Recommended rank (e.g., Visiting Professor of …)
    • Sponsoring academic department
    • Start date and end date of visiting faculty appointment
    • Designation of the agency/method of financial support for the visiting faculty member, including source of remuneration
    • Statement of whether the visiting faculty member will participate in patient-related activities at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
  2. A “letter of offer” from the Department Chair addressed to the candidate stating the visiting appointment rank, duties, stop/start dates, remuneration arrangements (if applicable), patient care arrangements (if applicable), research-related activities (if applicable) and any other pertinent information related to the visiting appointment. The offer letter should generally follow the faculty hiring template, but using language specific to the visiting appointment, omitting language that does not apply to the visiting appointment.
  3. A copy of the visiting faculty member’s current CV.

The above documentation must be uploaded to PawPrint (internal access only), using the PawPrint Cover Sheet, for electronic routing to members of leadership. Upon approval by leadership, the department assistant will receive an email notification from PawPrint. Print the approval certificate from PawPrint. At this time, the candidate may be offered the visiting appointment.

After the individual accepts the visiting appointment, the following paperwork is submitted to the Dean’s Office, via Cindy Devine, for signature by the Dean:

  • COM Requisition Form
  • PawPrint Approval Certificate
  • PawPrint Cover Sheet
  • Letter of offer and acceptance
  • Faculty and Clinical Workforce Committee review (if applicable)
  • CV

After the Dean signs off on the packet, the paperwork is routed to the Controller’s Office and Human Resources for processing.

The sponsoring department must work with Human Resources regarding human resources matters, such as visa paperwork, etc. The sponsoring department must work with the appropriate offices regarding animal handling, biohazardous material handling, lab-related initiatives, HSPO/HIPAA issues; and patient care matters. The sponsoring department must contact the Office of Research Affairs if the visiting individual will be involved in research-related activities.